What Is Mindfulness?

What is mindfulness?  Basically, it’s slowing down enough to notice all the little things inside and around you without judgment.  While this sounds simple, it can be difficult in the world today.

I was going to put together a video to convey what mindfulness is but I found the one above which I think perfectly and beautifully conveys the messages that I wanted to convey.  It describes what mindfulness is and why it’s important in your life.

Mindfulness can help with:

  • Stress reduction
  • Chronic pain
  • Coronary disease
  • Anxiety
  • Psoriasis
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems
  • Autoimmune diseases

Research demonstrates that mindfulness can:

  • Improve our brain’s ability to process information
  • Reduce brain-related problems in old age
  • Strengthen our immune system
  • Lift our mood and reduce stress.

It’s used in business, hospitals, prisons, courtrooms, schools and universities.

Mindfulness can be practiced by anyone at any time.

Mindfulness is for people who want to be more fully aware, improve their overall quality of life, be happier and live life to the fullest.

Articles to Support You

Below are links to posts that better describe how you can incorporate mindfulness into various aspects of your life.  At the end of each post are simple steps you can take to put the concepts into action, or being.

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I’m in the process of creating a series of programs that expand upon these posts and more thoroughly delve into how to implement mindfulness in your own life and reap its many benefits.

So that I can cater these programs to your specific needs, please send me an email at Paige [at] PaigeBurkes.com and tell me where you face your biggest challenges.

My goal is to support you past your challenges to a life of less stress and much more happiness.   All information that you convey will be held in the strictest of confidence.


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Mindfulness is a way of life. It's noticing without judgment.

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