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Home Remedies for Life:  Top 25 Must-Follow Meditation and Mindfulness Blogs of 2018

Crossword Life:  Art of Happiness: Influencers Share Their Secrets

Seasons In Malibu Addiction Treatment Center:  40 Health Experts Share Their Tips & Strategies For Optimizing Their Mental Health

Self Development Secrets:  Success Principles We Should Know Today 

Positively Happy:  7 Goal Setting Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

HobbieSphere:  The Complete Meditation Guide for Beginners: Meaning, How To, Tips and More!

My Massage Chairs:  Best Stress Relief, Relaxation and Meditation Blogs

Habit Nest:  80+ Experts Sharing Amazing Tips On Weight Loss and Motivation

TradePub: Resource Library

Positively Happy:  How to Halve Your Worries and Double Your Happiness – The Experts Cut

Champneys: How to maximize your mindfulness this weekend

Feedspot:  Top 100 Life Blogs and Websites for Improving Life

Bioresonance:  Top 50 Blogs to Help You Lead a Healthy, Meaningful Life

Sleepy People: 20 of the Best Mindfulness Bloggers to Follow in 2017

Book Meditation Retreats:  Top 30 Favorite Wellness Blogs

CreditDonkey:  Best Personal Development Blogs of 2017

Feedspot:  Top 40 Meditation Blogs

Positively Happy:  How to Get Back to Happy (Even if Your Day is Going Down in Flames) – 35 Experts Show You How

Feedspot: Top 75 Self Improvement & Personal Development Blogs and Websites

Winding Road to Freedom: 15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Journey to Financial Freedom (Amazon book)

Integrate & Ignite podcast: Episode 33: Breaking Down Stigmas and Discussing Leadership

Love Meditating: Top 52 Meditation Blogs You Have to Follow in 2017

Real Self Help with Arina Nikitina: 52 Experts Reveal Their Pre-Work Ritual To Skyrocket Productivity

Pick the Brain: The 7 Best Blogs for Mindfulness

Market Inspector:  Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs of 2016

Project E.G.G. (Entrepreneurs Gathering for Growth) interview:

Learn Relaxation Techniques: 37 Meditation Experts Reveal the #1 Benefits of Meditation They Receive Personally!

Essay Tigers:  100 Most Inspiring Self-Development Blogs

Huffington Post:  45 Experts Share their Biggest Linkedin Marketing Strategy

Want 2 Discover:  52 Secrets To Living a Good, Happy & Healthy Life

Guest Crew:  45 Experts Share their Biggest Linkedin Marketing Strategy

Gems of Happiness:  6 Experts Reveal What True Happiness Means To Them

Huffington Post:  Influencers & Experts Tell Me Their Worst Influencer Marketing Mistake

Foolishness File:  Influencer Marketing Mistakes: The Full Step by Step Guide With Proofs From The Influencers Themselves

99 Smart Ideas:  How to Focus: 37 Experts Reveal Their Best Tips

Huffington Post:  Beating Procrastination: 72 Successful People Reveal their Most Powerful Tips (contributor)

The Best Brain Possible:  How To Manage Anxiety with Mindfulness

Ellen Bard:  16 Self-Care Experts Share Their Tips On How You Can Be Kinder To Yourself

Join Up Dots podcast: Following The Voice To The Dreamlife

Success Is What:  Beating Procrastination: 72 Successful People Reveal their Most Powerful Tips

The Bold Life:  How to Conquer Your Fear of Change

en*theos:  How To Get It All Done When You’re Only Human

Manifested Happiness: How To Be Mindful When You’re Too Busy

Fran Sorin:  How To Maintain Spiritual Wellness During The Holidays – Strategies From 8 Bloggers

Cafe Truth:  Creating the Body You Want With Mindfulness

Goodlife Zen:  How To Be Happy When Your World Is Falling Apart

Powered By Intuition:  Use Your Intuition for Lasting Weight Loss and Intuition Stories of Guidance for Your Life

Get Motivation:  What’s Your Why?

A Daring Adventure:  If I Can Do Something Crazy Like This, You Can Too

Holistic Hot Sauce (video interview):  Mindfulness: Slowing Down To Speed Up

Midlife Living Well:  Dealing With Difficult People

New Life Foundation:  You Are Not Your Emotions

Meant To Be Happy:  6 Simple Steps to Unearth Your Happiness

Zen Mama:  Was Your Resolution to Lose Weight Or Get In Shape? Then Read This!

Reflecting a Life: Tune In And Listen To The Messages

The Bold Life:  Don’t Feel the Fear – Feel What It’s Doing To You

Going a-Musing:  How to Feel Great Every Day Through Mindfulness

Make It Happen:  How to be Like the Buddha and Make It Happen Mindfully

Paid To Exist:  Reports From The Road On Uncovering Your Passion

Radio Enso interview

The Bold Life:  Fear Is Now My Friend

Advanced Riskology:  My Long and Winding Journey to Happiness

Positive Provocations:  5 Steps to Accepting the Beauty of Change

The Bounce Blog:  4 keys to breaking negative patterns


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