Are you Stressed, Overweight, Emotionally and Physically Drained, Mentally Scattered, Sick or plain Burned Out? Trying to lose weight or improve your health?

You’ve tried ALL the diets: low carb, low fat, juicing, raw, vegetarian, paleo, whatever.

You’ve been to the gym, paid for a one year membership and a personal trainer to make absolutely sure you would go.

You’ve done these things with a friend for accountability. You were all psyched up and super motivated for the first week or two as you pushed each other to keep going.


A few weeks went by and the new routine seemed too much to keep up. All that effort and all you lost was a few measly pounds. You are a smart person.

MASSIVE EFFORT + LITTLE GAIN (or loss in your case) = YOU QUIT (until the next diet craze came your way and it starts all over again).

Feeling Energetic and Alive!

What if you could lose weight without crazy diet restrictions or having to eat things you hate?

What if you could get enough exercise by doing things you love? No more personal trainers with their “no pain, no gain” mentality.

What if you could be healthy and feel good for the rest of your life?

Too good to be true?

People all around the world live this way every day. And YOU can too.


The Mindful Body Program is here to show you how.

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Scott Dinsmore

“Paige has taken an approach to the mind/body connection to health like few people have come close to doing in this space. This is not just a diet guide or workout program. It is a map for life change, with personal fitness as the foundational compass.

And I love her way of reframing “working out,” which so many people dread, to an activity that gets you out moving, breathing and having fun. I’ve done this for years through monthly fitness challenges and I cannot express enough the power that exists in converting fitness from a chore to a passion/hobby that you’re excited to dive into. Because that is exactly when it becomes a part of your daily life and everything starts to change. Paige shows you how to do just that.”

Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend and Creator of How to Connect with Anyone

What makes the Mindful Body program so special?

Other programs only help you to lose weight or start exercising (if they work for you). This program goes way beyond that and guides you through a simple process that creates an environment where you enjoy eating well, moving your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle ever day. This program gets to the heart of the matter and gets you past the blocks you’ve experienced in the past.

This is the program that works.

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Tess Marshall“Paige supports you in positive, new, and mindful ways of relating to and thinking about food that allows you to live a happier, healthier and more peaceful life. She is authentic, gifted, and loving – a wonderful role model in all things mindful. Allow Paige to help you make the changes you’ve been unable to make by yourself. The quality of your life depends on it!

Tess Marshall, Coach, Writer and Speaker, The Bold Life


What will the Mindful Body program do for me?

By following the principles in this program, you’ll break free from the cycle of failure with diet and exercise programs and never experience failure again. You’ll move from guilt, shame or being unhappy about your body to loving every part of you. You’ll go from stressed out and run down to alive and energetic. You’ll be able to:

  • Effortlessly and joyously create a body you love that you feel completely at home in.
  • Never deny or limit yourself to what you or others think you should do.Setting an example
  • Feel great about making choices that support your own health and happiness.
  • Have tons of energy and never feel guilt or shame about your body again.
  • Set an example of what’s possible for others in a way that supports them.
  • Be genuinely happy with your body for the rest of your life.

And when you make this transformation with your body, you’ll realize other benefits in your life like:

  • Saying good-bye to diets because you maintain your ideal weight with pleasure.
  • Maintaining a regular exercise routine that energizes you because it’s something fun that works easily with your lifestyle.
  • Your self-confidence and self-esteem soar as you see results in your body and higher levels of energy. When you finally make these changes with your body, who knows what else you can accomplish!
  • Your relationships grow and thrive. With more self-confidence, it’s easier for you to create new, amazing relationships.
  • You get enough rest and have the energy you need each day to not only get more of your “to do” list done, but, more importantly, to have the energy to play with your kids or grandkids and get involved in activities that you thought were off-limits for you.
  • Aches, pains and illness occur much less often and you’re able to resolve them quickly with fewer medications. Your immune system is able to do what it was designed to do and keeps you running at peak performance.
  • Your moods even out and you realize that you’re regularly experiencing happiness.

Fran Sorin“Paige’s Mindful Body program is a breath of fresh air. Her approach to a topic of applying mindfulness to what, how, when and where you eat and exercise can lead to significant results. I’ve used these principles in my own life and have almost effortlessly achieved my health and wellness goals. I’ve become leaner and have more energy – and have had fun doing it. Whether you’re in great shape or feel that you’re far from it, I highly recommend the Mindful Body program. You’ll learn timeless techniques that will deliver benefits for a lifetime.”

Fran Sorin, Author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, CBS Radio News Contributor, Author at Awake Create

Who is Paige Burkes?

I’m not a licensed nutritionist, personal trainer, psychologist, Zen Master, practicing Buddhist or anything like that. I’m a person who got very tired of repeating my old patterns and mistakes and decided to do something about it.

While my approaches aren’t for everyone, anyone I know who has committed to implementing them in their life has seen dramatic improvements in their health and happiness.

To me, results speak much louder than lofty theories. This stuff has worked and continues to work for my husband, me and many others and will work for you if you commit to the deep work it requires.

My Story

Many years ago, I was like most people. I trusted that anything sold at the grocery store was fine to eat. I didn’t read labels or understand nutritional content and didn’t care too much about it.

If I had aches and pains, I would take some pain killers and wait for them to go away. If something hurt badly enough, I would go to the doctor and blindly do whatever the doctor said.

There were times in my life where I struggled with my weight. I tried many different diets, some more successful than others.

Everything changed when I got pregnant for the first time. I was suddenly hit with the revelation that everything that I put in and on my body would become part of a new person growing inside me. That’s a pretty daunting thought.

Making New Choices

I started reading ingredient labels on foods, drinks, personal care and household products and anything else that came in or near my body or in the air I breathed. I looked up everything I didn’t understand.

I began to see that the conventional food system does not have our health in mind. We’ve been led to believe that harsh, highly toxic chemicals are required to clean our homes, cars and bodies and that carcinogenic chemicals are just fine to add to our foods.

Rather than turn to medications, I opted for natural ways to manage aches, pains and illnesses. I studied and began to understand how different types and qualities of foods affect our health and emotional state.

As I slowed down and implemented more mindfulness practices in my life, like yoga and meditation, I learned how strongly our emotions affect our health and habits.

Getting Results

I realized lasting solutions to long-standing health issues for myself and my family, and I began to teach what I had learned and experienced to others. These people implemented these concepts into their own lives and were pleasantly surprised to experience improved health, especially in areas where they had chronic issues.

This program will open your mind to new ways of thinking about health and wellness. It will help you realize that you don’t need expensive and risky medications, special programs or anything else outside yourself.

You have the ability to heal yourself from the inside out.

Jonathan Mead“Paige continues to be a source of inspiration for a growing community of rogues and free agents forging the path to working on their own terms. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, she will inevitably leave you inspired to create the life you’ve dreamed of.”

Jonathan Mead, Leader and Trailblazer at Paid to Exist

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What will I learn with this program?

YOUR happy, healthy body

  • Break free from society’s stereotypes and ideas of perfection and create your own unique vision for yourself.
  • Motivate yourself in ways that feel good for you and support lasting change.
  • Discover why goals are the path to failure and what you can replace them with to guarantee positive results.

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness

  • Harness this power to create lasting change with ease.
  • Honor yourself with practices that fit seamlessly into your busy day and keep you on a healthy path.
  • Never feel guilt or shame about your body again.
  • Always have time to act on your healthy choices.

Experience the joys of eating and drinking whatever you want

  • Get in tune with your body, mind, and emotions to make choices that support your vision of the happy, healthy you.
  • Say goodbye to emotional eating and binging for good.
  • Discover how easy it is to eat healthy on the run.
  • See how what you eat is sapping your energy and what you can do about it.

Create a healthy lifestyle that makes it easy to feel great

  • Proactively change your environment so, instead of it sucking your energy, it infuses you with more energy.
  • Never exercise again. Find ways to move your body that are fun, express your uniqueness and feel amazing – every day. We could all use more fun!
  • Create new habits that stick and make it easy to eat well and move your body.
  • Say goodbye to aches, pains and illness and all the limitations those things have created in your life. Do the fun and awesome things you’ve been denying yourself!
  • Learn how to cure yourself of many ailments without doctors or drugs (always seek medical advice before starting any new health and wellness program).
  • Feel comfortable about the inevitable changes involved with getting older and remain energized at any age.
  • Get enough restful sleep to feel energized and alert all day.
  • Clear the mental fog and create clarity to make better decisions and get things done more quickly.

Brian Johnson“With so much confusion in the realm of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle it’s easy to become paralyzed by the many choices that are out there. Paige Burkes and her Mindful Body program break it down to the simplest but most effective and unassuming parts that are sure to help both the beginner as well as the expert achieve truly sustainable results. This is definitely a must read for anyone looking for greater levels of health, wellness and fitness!”

Brian Johnson – B.S. Holistic Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant, Speaker (TEDx), Author at Brian Speaks

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Here’s what you get:

The Guide, Workbook & Journal + Motivation  ($127 suggested price)  only $47

  • 108 page comprehensive guide that transforms your journey from
    • diet and exercise failure
    • negative thoughts and feelings about your body and
    • feelings of hopelessness
    • feeling happy about your body
    • being empowered to act on your healthier choices and
    • discovering how easy it is to achieve your happy, healthy body for the rest of your life.
  • Bonuses:
    • 49 page interactive workbook ($40 value) that helps you create the:
        • vision of your own unique happy, healthy body
        • motivation to keep you on your new path
        • steps necessary to realize the new, radiant, self-confident you.
    • The Mindful Eating Journal ($15 value)
        • A simple yet very powerful tool that will transform how and what you eat forever.
    • Audio version of the guide and workbook so you can listen when you’re on the go. ($30 value)
    • Daily motivational emails for 8 weeks to remind you of ways to implement the principles in this program and keep you on your path of creating and relishing your happy, healthy body. ($67 value)

To be clear, this is a fully digital product. After purchasing the program you will be able to immediately download all of the resources and components mentioned above. Nothing will be physically shipped to you. No need to wait.

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Angela Artemis“From the moment I read, “Why Diets Don’t Work,” I knew I was going to love this book. Paige Burkes’ Mindful Body book and workbooks are grounded in good sense. If you wish to feel good, look good and live a good long healthy life Paige’s advice is sound, practical and invaluable to creating a healthy body and lifestyle.

As Paige states – her book is not a weight loss book but, a book to help you master the art of eating mindfully and healthfully and feeling satisfied at the end of a meal. Focusing on what you put into your body from quality, to quantity to the ingredients is the key to feeling better and looking your best. Paige thoroughly covers every area of our lives that could benefit from a bit of mindfulness from eating habits, removing toxins from our homes and food, learning from our dis-ease, finding the joy in exercise, to creating a habit and sleeping well. I loved the Mindful Eating Journal. The questions are perfect for halting mindless eating and reflecting upon why you’re eating.

The Mindful Body Workbook is geared to living mindfully throughout the day. I was thrilled to see the section on food allergies. So much of what we eat affects our mood, energy and immune system yet, we continue to eat it. The chart explaining some of the most common food allergies and their symptoms was particularly helpful. Even if all you do is read this section and discover that you have a food allergy or intolerance, by removing this food from your diet your life, energy level and health will improve.

If you are looking for someone to guide you through the art of mindfully mastering your body – look no further that Paige Burkes’ informative Mindful Body book and workbooks. I highly recommend them.”

Angela Artemis at Powered By Intuition, Author of The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of

The Mindful Body Guarantee

If you go through every exercise in the program, and, after six months (yes, I’m giving you plenty of time here), you have still not improved your health, I will refund you the whole price of the program and I’ll even give you a 30-minute one-on-one phone coaching session for free. There’s also a no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee on top of that. You can even keep the program!

Wanda McCormickPaige has provided all the tools necessary to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and what better way to start off the Mindful Body program than to bring yourself back to center and just breathe.

The steps in her Mindful Body program are easy to read and integrate into your lifestyle to live and eat healthier. I’ve never been the “no pain, no gain” kind of personal trainer and everything Paige describes resonates with me and my heart-based coaching business.

I believe you can’t change what happens on the outside until you change what happens inside and by following her step-by-step program, along with the Mindful Body workbook and Mindful Eating journal, you will become more aware of every aspect of your life. You will be more aware of what you eat, how you feel, how you react and how you live each day.

Wanda McCormick, Author, Speaker, Fitness and Power Coach at,Best-selling Author of Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women Volume III

Answers to your questions:

Can I afford it?

This is an investment in your health, your future and your happiness. This program will change your thinking, your body and your life for good.

    • How much would you pay a personal trainer to work with you for two months?
    • How much would a gym membership (that you won’t use) cost you?
    • What would you pay a therapist or coach for two months to change your thinking?

This program covers all that and much more. And you don’t have to keep paying every month. This investment gives you the tools you need to create a lifetime of health and freedom. What is that worth to you? And to make it completely risk-free, there’s also a 60-day complete money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you for any reason.

How will I find the time?

How much time does it take to make a different choice? This program shows you how to break free of old, unhealthy habits and create new habits of making healthy choices. We make time for what’s important to us. How much time do you spend on Facebook or in front of the TV each day? Replace half of that time for a few days with working through this program. Your life, health and happiness will never be the same again.

Will it work for me?

You have tried countless diet and exercise programs and nothing has worked. What makes this program different? It’s not a diet and exercise program. It’s a guide to creating a healthy lifestyle that’s uniquely yours. There are no restrictions on what or how much you can eat. There are no arduous exercise regimens that you couldn’t possibly fit into your busy schedule or maintain without some sort of pain. It’s all about being mindful, experimenting and discovering what works for you. Everyone is different and this program honors those differences. This program was designed so that it’s impossible to fail.

Will it be hard?

It will be as easy or as hard as you decide to make it. Resisting change will make it feel like an uphill battle. Quite honestly, if you feel resistance to making lasting, positive changes in your life, I would rather you not buy this program. If you can accept that change is inevitable and it’s the only way you’ll create your own healthy, happy body, then you’ll look forward to making new choices and seeing how they can make lasting changes in your life that you never thought were possible for you. Change really can be fun and exciting. It’s all in how you decide to look at it.

If you want lasting change, you’re going to have to work for it. You’re going to have to make choices and changes. What you’ve been doing in the past is what got you to where you are now. If that’s not where you want to be, it’s time to do something different and be someone different.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who struggles with their body in any way (weight, diet, exercise, health issues, aches and pains or sleep issues) and wants to do something about it once and for all. This program is for the person who is willing to do the work required to make those changes and make them stick. You don’t need any fancy diets, supplements or equipment. Everything you need is inside you.

Who is this program not for?

This program is not for the person looking for a quick fix to their problems. It’s not a diet. If you think you can pop a pill or spend a couple minutes a day with the latest exercise gadget while eating junk food and spending hours each day in front of the TV and get results, don’t buy this program. If you’re not going to take action with the principles in this program and you just want to collect great information, don’t bother. We’re talking lifestyle changes that are next to impossible if you have no desire to change, think that someone or something can make those changes for you or if you’re going to blame others for why you can’t change. If this is you, please pass.

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Betsy HenryHow many times has a diet not worked for you? How many times have your started and just given up? Paige Burkes’ Mindful Body Program is not a diet but a way to change your bad eating and exercise habits into great ones through mindfulness. This program will change the way you see your body and how you see yourself. Yoga, meditation, mindful eating, nutrition, toxins, food triggers and lifestyle choices are just a few of the subjects covered. The workbook helps you to explore your old habits and realize how to become that happier, healthier you. In eight weeks you will find that you have new habits, lasting health and a happier lifestyle. A great side benefit is that you’ll be closer to your family!

Betsy Henry at Zen Mama, Author of How To Be a Zen Mama and The Zen Mama’s Book of Quotes

If not now, then when?

As a parent of children at any age, know that you’re teaching your children how to treat their minds and bodies by your actions. Quite often you’ll give others, especially your children, the time, care and attention that seem selfish to give to yourself. When you do this, they’re learning from your actions to not give to themselves. Do you want them to feel like you do? Be intentional about the example you’re setting. Learn and practice being healthy and happy by making the investment in yourself with the Mindful Body program.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Have you had it with pushing your skinny clothes to the back of your closet? Do you wish you could enjoy more fun experiences with your friends and family that you don’t have the energy or wellness for now?

Then now is the best time to change that.

If you don’t make changes now, what will your life and health look like in one, five or ten years from now? What will be different? How will you feel if you put this off again?

If you’re not completely sure, remember that there’s a 60-day complete money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you for any reason. No questions asked.

Sarah O'Leary“If you’re sick and tired of FEELING sick and tired all the time….you’ve just found a guide to a whole new outlook on life!

Paige Burkes’ Mindful Body program is like having a gentle and loving friend close at hand. Your friend loves you and understands your frustration, but she doesn’t just commiserate. She’s right there with you offering useful guidance and nudges onto a new pathway – one that will result in a new you. A you that feels calm even in the face of family arguments and work overload. A you that can access new stores of energy even when you are confronting a day full of chores and demands.

I love the Mindful Body program because it does so much more than help you finally get off the diet treadmill and feel good about yourself inside and out. This easy-to-follow system addresses that emotional resistance, and provides an amazing abundance of information and tools to make truly healthy living finally accessible.

No preaching here – just solid information and motivation that you can use in your life NOW. I whole-heartedly recommend the Mindful Body Program for anyone that has tried and failed in getting healthy –and is ready to shift that pattern once and for all!”

Sarah O’Leary, Herbalist and Wellness Coach at Holistic Hot Sauce


Invest in yourself

Of course, you want to create your own healthy, happy body. But we all want to make sure that making new choices and creating a new lifestyle is actually going to work. It’s scary to step into the unknown.

Maybe you’re willing to do whatever it takes, but you don’t want to waste your time getting lost in the sea of useless information that doesn’t matter. The Mindful Body program will help guide you to following your own path and making sure you only do the few activities that will really make a difference in your success.

This journey isn’t for the faint of heart. But you’ve made it this far (perhaps for a reason). I know you have what it takes.

Get started by clicking the button below, and I’ll see you very soon.

Paige Burkes

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P.S. Are you going to keep doing what you’ve always done, hating the results? Or is now the time to make the change you know will change your life? Make TODAY the beginning of the new, fabulous you by clicking the button above.

Vidya Sury“Paige Burkes is one of those rare and generous people who is completely honest and sincere about what she offers. When I first “met” her, I wondered why she didn’t teach a course on mindful living and was delighted when I came to know that she’s planning to launch one. I had the privilege of reviewing the program and as someone who grew up practicing mindful living, I am happy to say it is fantastic.

“Paige offers hard hitting facts interspersed with personal stories to inspire and motivate. She busts common assumptions about what one must do to reach one’s healthy weight and proves that you do not need a fancy gadget or a high budget to stroll the path of healthy living. She offers step-by-step how-to’s throughout the program, emphasizing that it is all within you to make the change. She highlights the food-mood-health connection, urging the reader to listen to their body talk and recognize that being conscious is the way to live.The bonus is the well-planned journal and workbook that accompany the course. If you are ready to take baby steps and transform your life into one that you will love and enjoy living, this is the course for you.“

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